Aspect notification priority option

T Timoses Public Seen by 64

I would want to always see all notifications from my friends aspects (which I know personally), but not necessarily from my "dias" aspects (which contains "random" people whose postings I like).

I'd suggest that aspects can be given a priority in being listed in the stream:
If an aspect's priority is higher than another one's than the higher prioritized one's notifications will be shown first. That way it's guaranteed that I see the posts first which I have prioritised.

This might even go along with this proposition:

Meaning, aspects can have options like:
- Manage visibility of my profile to that aspect
- Priority of notifications shown in Stream from specific aspect (this thread)
- ...

What u think?


Creak Tue 13 Sep 2016 12:26PM

I agree!

And we could also manage aspects visibility in the stream. For instance you may only want to be in contact with someone but you're not especially interested in his/her posts, then you put him/her in a separate aspect that is configured not to merge the posts in the stream (you can still see what the people in this aspect say by clicking directly on the aspect).


Timoses Thu 15 Sep 2016 8:20AM

Just now found out about aspects having options:
It's super hidden.
So apparently options for aspects already exist. Just need to figure out how to make it more apparent and how to adjust it for more options.

A quicker access point could be an options icon:


Timoses Thu 3 Nov 2016 9:00PM

Another important option, I believe, would be to completely mute an aspect group, so that the posts don't get displayed in my stream.

Reason: I might want to share/bond with some people, or simply "save" them but not necessarily see their posts all the time.