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Do we want to link to the Dunedin blog?

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Hey guys,

This is more just to show you how loomio works but here is a proposal for you:

Generation Zero
Someone from Gen Zero spoke to Kiri last night about how they are setting up a blog in Dunedin which they'd like to link to ours. It would work a bit like we are doing with Maz currently.

Do we want to work with the Gen Zero blog?


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Kiri Stevens Mon 7 May 2012 10:37PM

I would be keen- what I said to chelsea was it would be great if we could write an article and they put it on their page and vice versa. Or something of the like- they are pretty open to any ideas. What she was trying to emphasise about their group is that they want to move climate change from just being seen as a 'environmental' issue and into a space where it is about justice for future generations. Celeste talked to her about maybe them explaining this in a blog post- perhaps a themed month on 'environment' where they refute why its not just an environmental issue....


Celeste Mon 7 May 2012 10:39PM

yep, well said kiri. I think it would be cool


Kiri Stevens Tue 8 May 2012 1:31AM

Also this a link their latest post if anyone wants to have a read: http://climatetalk.co.nz/?p=184


Kiri Stevens Thu 10 May 2012 4:31AM

Contact dets for the girls just in case: "Sarah Baillie" [email protected],
"Charlotte Greenfield" [email protected],
"Chelsea Robinson" [email protected],