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Newcomers, Introduce yourselves!

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Welcome to Loomio! Here is where the discussions, conversations, and decisions are made for Earth ArXiv!


Rob Storrar Mon 16 Mar 2020 1:44PM

Hi all, I'm Rob Storrar, a Glacial Geomorphologist at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK


Srikanth Mon 16 Mar 2020 11:12AM

Hello. I am Srikanth. I completed 35y career in Petroleum E&P in India and Abu Dhabi (UAE). Taught Petroleum Geology for 3 years at IIT Bombay, India. My career was divided between Development Geology, Computer Science & Technology. Currently I am developing the 4th Paradigm Geoscience - structure, course and contents. I pursue learning the differences between High-Performance-Sciences like Biosciences and Geoscience. Developing a robust Earth Systems Science is my idea for addressing the challenges in responsibility and accountability to Earth! Look forward to be contributing with usefulness.


Olivier Pourret Thu 5 Mar 2020 9:13AM

Hi all,

my last blog post on preprint

On the interest of preprint – the story of my "Open Access practices in geochemistry" project

thanks Earth ArXiv!




William D. Harcourt Wed 4 Mar 2020 7:49PM

Hi Chris, thanks for the info and looking forward to being a part of this! I run seminars at my institution and it would be great to create a presentation about EarthArXiv and pre-prints when I've got to know the environment a bit better. I'll be sure to ask for some advice and maybe material to help with this!


Bruce Caron Wed 4 Mar 2020 6:30PM

The artwork is up on the Everything stickers thread...


Christopher Jackson Wed 4 Mar 2020 5:59PM

I’m happy to order some stickers for UK people if you can send me the artwork please @Bruce Caron


Bruce Caron Wed 4 Mar 2020 4:51PM

I have a few hundred stickers... I'm looking to pass these to someone from the US going to the EGU...ANYONE? Mailing stickers from the US to other countries is a real pain and expensive. I'm going to start a sticker thread... so hop on there if you want stickers or the artwork to make your own.


Christopher Jackson Wed 4 Mar 2020 3:48PM

Hi all the new folks! Welcome to EarthArXiv; we value your support and energy. As you know, we're currently going through an excting transition in terms of who hosts our platform; we hope this leads to a better service for all users. Until we've settled on where we're going and when, we encourage you to keep talking to friends, colleagues, and co-authors about the value of preprints. The ASAPbio FAQs are a great place to start: https://asapbio.org/preprint-info/preprint-faq. We've also got some EarthArXiv-specific material (e.g. slides, posters); if you'd like some of these, please let me know. Also, @Bruce Caron, might it be possible for us to order more stickers?!?! Thanks!


Robert Mahon Wed 4 Mar 2020 12:50PM

Howdy all! I'm Rob Mahon, assistant professor of sedimentology at the University of New Orleans.


Jesse Pisel Wed 4 Mar 2020 5:38AM

Howdy everyone! I am Jesse, my background is in sedimentology and quantitative stratigraphy. I am a professor of computer science here at UT Austin and I am looking forward to interacting with you all.


Dimitri Veras Tue 3 Mar 2020 8:08PM

I am the moderator for arXiv's astro-ph.EP category (Earth and Planetary Astrophysics), and am very much looking forward to learning more about EarthArXiv and receiving your feedback. For your information, the content description of astro-ph.EP is "Interplanetary medium, planetary physics, planetary astrobiology, extrasolar planets, comets, asteroids, meteorites. Structure and formation of the solar system"


Sheree Armistead Mon 2 Mar 2020 2:37PM

Hi everyone! I'm Sheree, a postdoc at the Geological Survey of Canada funded by Laurentian University. I'm working on global scale Pb isotopes and the links to tectonics, geodynamics and mineral systems. Happy to be part of this community and looking forward to getting to know everyone!


William D. Harcourt Mon 2 Mar 2020 9:08AM

Hi everyone! My name is Will and I'm a 2nd year PhD student at the University of St Andrews. I am developing the technique of millimetre wave radar for mapping glaciers and volcanoes in order to measure deformation and surface reflectivity. Happy to join the community and look forward to speaking to you all soon! My research website can be found here: www.williamharcourt.co.uk


Grisel Jimenez Mon 2 Mar 2020 8:01AM

Hi everyone! I am Grisel, Research Scientist working at University Petronas in Malaysia. Currently working in carbonate reservoir modelling using Multipoint Statistic method in Central Luconia province, Malaysia. Glad to join the community. Regards from Malaysia!


Ben Johnson Sun 1 Mar 2020 7:05PM

Hi! I'm Ben Johnson, an Earth system scientist, isotope geochemist, and sedimentary geologist. My work focuses on large scale interactions between the biosphere, geosphere, and atmosphere and the Evolution of the Earth System. Here's my website, and I'm happy to be part of the team! https://www.benwjohnson.com/


Eric-Geochem Sun 1 Mar 2020 4:53PM

Hi all. I'm Eric, a geochemist. My research focuses on materials relate to energy and environment that can address the energy crisis from a perspective of sustainability. I am particularly interested in the geochemical processes in fluid-rock interactions. My current work investigates the degradation of nuclear material in repository environments and the oil-rock interactions in unconventional shale. https://er1czz.github.io/


Pablo Ampuero Wed 20 Nov 2019 8:19AM

Welcome to all. I am Pablo Ampuero. I have been an EA ambassador for 1+ year, systematically posting preprints and encouraging colleagues to do so. I am an earthquake researcher (seismology, geophysics, computational fracture dynamics), formerly at Caltech and currently at the Geoazur lab in Nice, France.


Jeanine Ash Tue 19 Nov 2019 7:16PM

Hello all, I'm Jeanine, a biogeochemist at Rice University specializing in the interface between the biotic and the abiotic realm through the lens of isotopes. Just submitted my first pre-print to EA earlier this year, and I'm excited to be a part of this community.


Divyesh Varade Sat 2 Nov 2019 3:37PM

Hi everyone! I am a Research Associate at the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. I work on remote sensing of snow (alpine snow) in the Indian Himalayas using hyperspectral and polarimetric SAR data. I have been around here for the past couple of years.


David Sat 2 Nov 2019 5:52AM

Hi there! Welcome to EarthArXiv!! David Fernández-Blanco here! I've been the "community manager" (twitter) almost since EA take off -- so if you saw your submission announced, that was probably me!
I'm a postdoc that likes orogen-basin integrations at tectonic scale and am at Imperial College London now. For the curious: http://geodavidfdez.com/


Allison Enright Fri 1 Nov 2019 6:49PM

Hi everyone, and welcome to new council members. I'm an assistant professor at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. My research program straddles biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology, and near-surface geophysics.


Tyson Lee Swetnam Fri 1 Nov 2019 5:24PM

I am a Research Assistant Professor of Geoinformatics at the University of Arizona BIO5 Institute. I work on spatial data cyberinfrastructure for CyVerse, collaborating with a diverse group of data science oriented projects in the life and earth sciences.


Christopher Jackson Thu 31 Oct 2019 8:34PM



Jess Hillman Wed 30 Oct 2019 6:41PM

Hello! I'm a marine geologist/geophysicist at GNS Science in Wellington, New Zealand. My research focuses on gas hydrates, fluid flow and seafloor geomorphology - currently working on the Hikurangi Margin. I think EarthArXiv is an awesome idea and think it is especially significant in areas where institutions don't have the funds to provide access to numerous publishers.


[deactivated account] Wed 30 Oct 2019 6:11AM

Warm welcome to all new members!

As I will leave the council, I want to say thanks and goodbye to everyone, was definitely a highlight to meet so many of you at this year's EGU!


Rebecca Williams Tue 29 Oct 2019 9:55AM

Hello to all the newcomers!
I've been on the EarthArXiv advisory council for about a year now. I'm a Senior Lecturer in Volcanology at the University of Hull. I like volcanic flows, open access and Twitter.


Leonardo Uieda Tue 29 Oct 2019 9:48AM

Hi everyone, I've been following EarthArXiv since the inception and I'm so happy this exists. I'm a geophysicist and just started a Lecturer position at the University of Liverpool, UK. I work mainly on gravity and magnetic inverse problems and develop a bunch of open-source software as well. More info at https://www.leouieda.com


James King Fri 25 Oct 2019 2:03PM

As part of the original council I look forward to continue to promoting the arxiv.
I am an assistant prof at the Université de Montréal working on the effects of mineral aerosols on climate and ecosystems, mainly coming from fugitive emissions aka dust storms from present measurements/remote sensing, but also looking at these dynamics in past landscapes e.g., LGM using paleoclimatic models.
I am interested in exploring OA options for society level journals and return the power of the pen back these grassroots groups.


Stéphanie Girardclos Fri 25 Oct 2019 9:42AM

Hi all.
I was on the initial EarthArXiv Advisory Council and I'm very happy to continue promoting it. I re-introduce myself for the newcomers.
I'm a sedimentologist (Lecturer) at the University of Geneva working on modern sedimentary environments, mostly lakes. I use sediment cores, high resolution seismic data and multibeam echosounding. My favorite subjects are sublacustrine delta systems and canyons, sublacustrine mass-movements, event beds, and lake tsunamis. I'm also interested in Anthropocene questions.
I promote increased democracy and equity in academia and I like collaborative and Open Access initiatives.


Christopher Jackson Fri 25 Oct 2019 7:22AM

Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining the community. When my busy period of works finishes, which should be in a couple of weeks time, I'll organise a group call to answer any questions you may have. Thanks! chris


Olivier Pourret Fri 25 Oct 2019 6:25AM

Dear Bruce, dear all, nice to meet you all! what a great community! By the way, Bruce, could you tell us more on our role? what can we do as ambassador, moderator...? best


Samantha Teplitzky Wed 23 Oct 2019 3:37PM

Hi everyone! I have a new-ish role as Open Science Librarian at University of California, Berkeley, and subject liaison to the Dept of Earth & Planetary Science. I've worked in Earth/Geoscience librarianship for a while but am excited to be more active in promoting open workflows, particularly preprints!


Jesper Dramsch Tue 22 Oct 2019 7:33PM

Hey folks 👋. I'm currently finishing up my PhD at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) officially working in 4D seismics as I'm a geophysicist by trade. Realistically, I build neural networks and talk about machine learning all day though. Been a visiting scholar in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt University this year and that was loads of fun. I do some Python teaching, consulting here and there, really like hackathons, collaboration, open science and source and all that jazz.

Twitter and Github are my just name and orcid is of course funky.
And if you're really bored, dramsch.net and the-geophysicist.com are mine.
I'm new to loomio, so please forgive my Noob-ness.


Stanislav Jelavic Tue 22 Oct 2019 6:19PM

Hi everyone! I'm a postdoc at the Globe Institute at the University of Copenhagen. I always like to introduce myself as a mineralogist but I've been told that my knowledge and skills are definitely better explained as geochemist. I'm interested in the interaction between organic compounds and minerals, mainly at the nano and molecular scale. Currently, I'm working on DNA-mineral interactions and how to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance genes through soils and wastewater. Thanks for having me :)


Victor Venema Tue 22 Oct 2019 3:44PM

I was with EarthArXiv from the start, but am happy to re-introduce myself. I am a climate scientist from The Netherlands, working in Bonn, Germany. Currently I am working on a post-publication journal-independent peer review system. It should make it less important where to publish, in the end also archives would be fine, and thus breaks the power of the scientific publishers.

Help getting this going is welcome.


Leonie Peti Tue 22 Oct 2019 8:38AM

Hi all - I'm currently finishing up my PhD at the University of Auckland on maar lake sediment. I focus mainly on stratigraphy and geochronology with some palaeoclimate and tephra work mixed in. I'm really excited about becoming a part of the community.


brandon Tue 22 Oct 2019 8:26AM

cool. New peeps!!


Noel Brizuela Mon 21 Oct 2019 6:30PM

Hello! I'm a 3rd-year PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and very happy to join this community project. My research focuses on oceanic internal waves and their role in climate and sediment transport. Aside from that, I do some work on theoretical urban epidemiology.

Twitter: @ngbrizuela


Elif Oral Mon 21 Oct 2019 5:56PM

Hi all! I'm a post-doctoral researcher in France, at Geoazur Institute. I seriously love the philosophy of EarthArXiv, and very happy to be involved in the community here!

I've been working on numerical modeling of rupture dynamics, seismic wave propagation and nonlinear behavior of geomaterials. In general, I'm interested in learning more about earthquake physics and seismic hazard assessment. Currently I'm a visitor at Caltech. Twitter: @elifo_alpha


Shashank P M Mon 21 Oct 2019 1:02PM

Hey! Happy to be here. I'm an 4th year undergrad in Geology at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee. My work so far has been based on Geochronology, Stable Isotopes, Himalayan Geology, and a little dabble with planetary stuff.
I was a visitor at ANU for 3 months this year.


Ryan Ickert Mon 21 Oct 2019 12:37PM

I'm an isotope geochemist at Purdue University (USA).


Rich Walker Mon 21 Oct 2019 12:29PM

Hi Folks! Great to be involved in the community. I am currently a lecturer in structural geology and tectonics at the University of Leicester, UK. My main research expertise are in upper crustal brittle deformations, fluid-rock interaction, and fluid/liquid migration in the crust.


Stéphanie Girardclos Fri 25 Oct 2019 9:30AM

Hi Irene. Very happy to have you on board !


Irene Manzella Mon 21 Oct 2019 12:29PM

Ciao a tutte e tutti! Happy and excited to be here! I am a geotech-geo-environmental engineer working mainly on landslide propagation, landslide induced tsunamis and volcanic tephra dispersal, using both an experimental and a numerical approach. I am lecturer at the University of Plymouth (UK). https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/staff/irene-manzella Twitter: @Irene_Manzella


Bruce Caron Mon 21 Oct 2019 12:41PM

everyone who signed up as of October 11 is on the main list. Anyone who said they would like an invite to Loomio has been invited.


Christopher Jackson Mon 21 Oct 2019 11:59AM

Have we updated the membership of the Loomio group yet @Bruce Caron? It would be good to get a full list of the final board membership. Thanks!


Christopher Jackson Mon 21 Oct 2019 11:55AM

Welcome all!!!!


Pete Rowley Mon 21 Oct 2019 6:52AM

Hi all - great to be on board and very pleased to be involved. My background is in volcanology, sedimentology, and a bit of rock physics and deformation. Senior Lecturer at UWE Bristol


Daniel Pastor Galán Tue 29 Oct 2019 12:58AM

I did not check that! Anyway, Zack, if you happen to come by before moving to Ann Arbor, I am here. I have no plans for Tokyo until March...


[deactivated account] Mon 21 Oct 2019 4:40AM

Nice to meet you all. I am Zack Spica, currently postdoc at the Earthquake Research Institute of the University of Tokyo, and starting as an Assistant Prof at the University of Michigan in Jan. 2020. https://zackspica.github.io/
@danielpastorgalan I am going to give a talk on Friday at Tohoku University. Hopefully we'll have the chance to catch up.


Daniel Pastor Galán Mon 21 Oct 2019 2:50AM

Hi all, This is Daniel Pastor-Galán. I am an assistant professor at Tohoku University, Japan.
I have followed EarthArXiv since it started.
My webpage is www.danielpastorgalan.com


Olivier Pourret Sun 20 Oct 2019 8:49PM

Hello, i am a French associate professor of geochemistry. You can check my digital researcher profile here https://olivierpourret.wordpress.com/2019/08/31/who-i-am/ and my Open Access story here https://olivierpourret.wordpress.com/2019/09/04/my-open-access-story/