Loomio Crowdfunding 2014

March 2014

At the start of this year, we had a rough prototype of a tool for people to make decisions together online. The basic concept was proven, but it was rough - it didn’t work on mobile, it was clunky to use, and its usefulness was limited to a relatively small number of dedicated people. We felt like there was so much more potential there - if only we could dedicate all our time to it for 6 months, we were pretty sure we could build something that had a shot at making participatory decision-making truly accessible.

We knew we needed resources to make it happen, but we didn’t feel right about any of the common methods used to fund software projects - selling advertising, selling users’ data, or being dragged off track by traditional profit-maximising venture capital.

So, in March, we went out to our community and asked for help, launching a crowdfunding campaign with an ambitious $100,000USD target. By the end of the month, we were completely overwhelmed by more than 1,600 extraordinarily generous people from all over the world contributing over $125,000USD to make it happen.

From then until now, we’ve had our heads down in intensive development, taking everything we learnt from the much-loved prototype ("Loomio Beta”), and building a whole new app (“Loomio 1.0”). Development has focused on 4 areas: Mobile, Accessible, Easy, Safe.

  • Mobile - In September, we released the first mobile-friendly version of Loomio Beta. Loomio 1.0 is “mobile-first”, which means we approached the design for the new interface with mobile use as our first priority. We believe in the open mobile web, so we’ve focussed on providing a world-class mobile experience that works in your browser on any device, rather than building apps specifically for iOS or Android.
  • Accessible - With some additional support from the Namaste Foundation, we’ve been working with accessibility experts AccEase to make sure the new app works beautifully for anyone, regardless of their ability. We’ve had a number of checkpoints over the past few months to make sure the design and development are following best practice. In January 2015, AccEase are hosting an intensive user-testing process, bringing together people with visual, cognitive, and mobility impairments to test-drive the software.
  • Easy - The core purpose of the Loomio project has always been “to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to participate in the decisions that affect them” - and we’ll only get there if the software is seriously user-friendly. Over the last six months we’ve been able to take a rigorously user-driven approach to making sure the new design is as easy to use and engaging as possible - and our community has been a totally invaluable source of feedback and good ideas.
  • Safe - We think that the best way to be really safe on the web is to control your own environment, so we’ve put a huge amount of work into making it as easy as possible for people to set up and run their own version of the Loomio software. You can find out more about the Loomio Docker installation here.

November 2014

Now as of November 2014, we’re excited to announce that we’ve achieved everything we set out to in the crowdfunding campaign! We’ve invited in all of our generous crowdfunding backers as the first “pre-release” testers to try out the new Loomio 1.0, and we’re looking forward to releasing it to the general public in early 2015.

Thanks to the work the crowdfunding campaign enabled, Loomio has now supported more than 50,000 people to make 18,000 decisions together in 43,000 discussions. Our amazing community of international volunteers has made Loomio available in 30 languages, with more being added all the time.

These numbers make us pretty excited, but we’re really looking forward to seeing how much further and faster collaborative decision-making spreads once we release Loomio 1.0.

Thank you!

This project couldn’t exist without the support of thousands of people from all over the world.

We want to take some space to express our deep gratitude to the 1,649 supporters that pitched in to make this all possible:

$10,000 Founding Donor

Francois Bouregard - François is the founder of a democratically organised agile consultancy in Montreal called Pyxis Technologies. He surprised us with a massive contribution on the last day of the campaign.

When we asked François what was going through his head when he made the decision to donate to Loomio, here’s what he said:

Being more able to make decisions consciously, and at scale - I think that humanity needs that, so much. To see that some people were willing to put their heart and energy into that, and put it in the commons - that was it for me. So I said, well, this year, the money I’m going to give is gonna go to Loomio”.

$1,000+ Contributors

Ajay Mehta
Slow Boat Music Ltd.
Alanna Krause
Marion and Vera Blake
Brian Cartmell
Alli and John Knight
Shamubeel Eaqub
Law for Change
Wikimedia Foundation
Len Cook
Matthew Wisdom

Limited Edition Artwork

As part of their reward, these contributors received a signed print of a Loomio-themed artwork by our amazing-illustrator and developer Hannah Salmon.


$500+ Contributors

Gail Altschuler
Samuel Knight
Nicholas Williams
Alexander Raichev
Quatro Management Limited
Daniel Mulholland
Niels Vandamme
Fran Wilde
Larry Salveson
Dale Hunter
Enspiral Services
Charles Hett
Susan Maiava

$250+ Contributors

Vivian Hutchinson
Andrew Paul
Angus de Lange
LB Joum
Sue Johnston
Kevin Sulava
David Klein
Rick Sommerford
Raf Manji
Christian Mairoll
Sophie Jerram
Lane & Mark Murrah
Timothy Robert Sherman
Eugenie Sage
John Brooker
SilverStripe Ltd
Richard May
Wayne de Geere III
Lee Ryan
Danielle Boven
Jay Phillips
Benjamin S Applegate
Frank Willard
Victor Stanton
Frank Grove
Miriam Nelson Clark
Beth McIlveen Nobes
Hamish More
Álvaro Saco Fortuna
Leander Schulz
Aaron Stewart
Charmaine Pountney
Edie Smith
Georgy Zhukov
Victor Stanton
Sion Whellens

$100+ Contributors

Micah Daigle
Corinna Zuckerman
Mark Russell
Nick Lewis
Kyle Webb
Ramsey Margolis
Kiri Jarden
Chrissie Butler and Kieran Monaghan
Andrew Cobb
Sam Lang
Bari and Alan Harlam
Billy Matheson
Hayden Glass
Wendy Nelson and Lindsay Clark
Charlie Ablett
Simon Wright
Lorraine Warshaw
Ariane Cherbuliez
Polly LaBarre
Geraint Scott
Helene Finidori
Erin Todd
Scott and Fumie Lemmon
Freerange Press
Helga Arlington
Jost Siegfried
Susan Loucks
Benjamin Rees
Petra Stephenson
Michael Gray
A J Hoyt
Amanda Lennon
Pennie Brownlee
Bill Wallace
Craig Taube-Schock
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil
rose ryan
Eileen Sweeney
Tali Williams
Brent Barrett
Benjamin Spink-McCarthy
Jonathan Jong
Fernando Gomez Morcillo
Minh Ha
Peter Dreisiger
Frances Joychild
Jessy McNamara
Callum Fulcher
Adelaide Bike Kitchen
Cambridge Cohousing
Cecily Horne
Elisa Wang
Kenneth LeFebvre
Dean Procter
Stephanie Pride
Sue Coutts
Trinity Fauren
Robert Daland
Barbie Mavor
Onno van Bekkum
Sam Boyer
Michael Allen
Doug Kaplan
Paula Sager
Jan Rivers
Doris Zuur
Harald Wagener
Karl Edwards
Benjamin Melancon
Demetre Tryfiatis
Jenny Morel
Andreas Bieler
Rémi Bondurand
Sarah Webster
Varun adibhatla
Arthur Peel
Timo Ewalds
Vanisa Dhiru
Jud Fretter
Audrey Tang
Laurent Lathieyre
Tim Keller
Greg Conner
Sarah Pearson
Simon James Steenhof
Robbie Fordyce
Miles K Thompson
G Stone
Jesse Mortenson
Hiran Thabrew
Mathew Woodyard
Jeremy Gilpin
Edward Abraham
Nicholas B Robson
John Peterson
Melissa Riparetti-Stepien
Denis Tegg
Peter M. Shane
Kathryn Ananda
Ryan Wold
Robert Schmidli
Jon Richter
Seth Behnke
Manuel Potoi
Bob Dick
Jan Logie
Rune Skjold Larsen
Osaka Silenzio
Cae Schlick
Mojo Mathers
Fiona Campbell
Wallace Metcalfe
Wanaka Wastebusters
Dave Keyes
Ben Waldron
Mike Nudds
Elliott Bass
AJ Hopley
Robert Boere
Fergal Harrington
Ed Mitchell
Hadley Fierlinger
Spencer Grimes
Julian Priest
Ben Liquete
Michael Honey
Thomas Mitchell
Chris Esther
Ali Robertson
Isaac MO Matheson
Tony Smith
Paul Ransfield
Tracey Lee
Finlay Thompson
Mark Moir
Andrew Simmonds
Mikey Lemmon
Charlie Harvey
Tim Fitzgerald
Paul Nollen
Lucas dos Santos Furquim Ribeiro
Robert J Solik
Audrey Yeo
Andrew Burnett
Michael Riben
Lubos Magat
Torsten Fischer
Karsten Mengler
Malte Tepe
Brenda Wallace
William Smales
Permaculture in New Zealand
Gillian Cameron
Simon L Stewart
paul bolger
Claire O'Connell
Sacha Dylan
Beau Murrah
Mark McGuire
Charlie Shread
Robert Beck
Phil Friend
Heironymous Caper
Michael McKinsey
Ryan D Gillespie
Thomas Shelton
Musa Siddeeq
Tjasa Ucakar
Rotorua Hospital Anaesthetic Department

$50+ Contributors

Doug & Dallas Knight
Amie Parker
Fredd Marshall
Eli Geminder
Hailey Cooperrider
Anake Goodall
Nick Churchouse
George Salmond
Phill Coxon
Michael Elwood-Smith
Murdoch Stephens
Malcolm Shearer
Boaz Chen
Anne-Marie Sullivan
Stephen Olsen
Ants Cabraal
Silvia Zuur
Monica Meyer
Michelle Gibbs
Chloe Waretini
Seth Veale
David Johnson
Henry Peach
Hannah Smith
Martha Torrance
todd diamond
Sean Tilley
Andrew Walters
Sophi Reinholt
Vincent Smart
Joel Rogers
Rohan Satyanand
Chong Kee Tan
Elisabeth Motsinger
Steve Barr
Cédric Félizard
Mike Kmiec
Adam Jorlen
Chris O'Connor
Merrin Pearse
David Tonner
Nicolas Zahn
Anthony Pulido
Daniel Christos
Megan Salole
Citizen Gold
R Brough Turner
Pete Johnson Jr
ashley holwell
Jessa Reitsma
Nikola Pavelic
Wayne Ashlin
Paul Bendall
Ramez Naam
Deborah Block
Julien Carnot
Joe Manning
Albert Williams
Simon Hendeles Layton
Robert Schraders
Andrew Hedges
Jonathan Todd (Billy)
Anna Dean
Guy Salmon
Gary Wren
Karen Lea Ames Caylor
James King
Gerald Michalski
sofia robinson
Megan Thomas
William Hay
Dave Chisholm
Steven Mustor
Jennifer Birch
Andrew Paik
James Schneider
Sina Khanifar
Zaki Manian
Dan K. Johnson
Jacob Sparrow
Mitzi Borren
David Grossman
Rachel Highton
David Fawcett
Eric Bloomquist
Steven Palmer
Alejandro Alonso Martínez
Jon Alexander
Anastasia Kavada
Emil Josef Tschepp
Pål Røynesdal
Jason Diceman
Simon Keating
Anne Hollander
Andreas Lloyd
Andy Nash
Sandip Kalsy
Clea Buchler
James Coyle
Lu Davidson
Rob Pyne
John Wilson Tovey
Bentley Davis
katia guiloff
Fleur Hirst
Danita Delce
Michael Lowe
Naomi Most
Emmanuel M Vincent
Kevin Ryan
Marilyn Hoey
Elias Westerberg
Adrian Bader
Thomas Stokell
Bill Rosenberg
Angela Waddell
Elaine Dyer
AJay (Amanda Jane) Morris
Trent Mankelow
Jon Bakos
William Stadtwald Demchick
Kevin Martin
Dustin Woods
Richard L Gilmore
John Milford
Pauline Wayman
Donald Simpson
Robyn Irwin and Richard Whitney
Hörður Torfason
Kaila Colbin
Cameron John Lumsden
Louis Novak
Andrew Johnston
Quentin Grimaud
Marti Eller
Ani Mitcalfe
Kate Stone
Tris Lumley
Murray Rosser
Kati Thompson
John West
Zac Oosten & Antoinette Gionfriddo
Emma Giesen
Mary O' Keeffe
Joshua Vial
Jean S Fleming
Doing Something Good
Matthew Solik
Donna Caddie
Heather Galbraith
Laura Southward-Ellis
David Preece
Christopher Holdaway
Alina Siegfried
Bart Cox
Aidan Leong
Stéphane Dubé
Stephen Blyth
Stephanie Bain
Gerry Simms
Simon Telfer
Christopher Bull
Dilhan and Chrys Cabraal
Mark Norman
Vaughan Smith
Mark Anthony Servian
Heather and Martin Roberts
Jeff Silverwood
Laura McKim
Scotch Bingeington
Robbie Neilson
Nicholas Booth
Wendy Leebov
Tom Pettit
peter hanning
François P. Robert
Robert Rhinehart
Moea Armstrong
Alexander Smith
McCormack and Associates Limited
Michael Howden
Lance Wiggs
Antonio D'souza
Vanessa Rushton
Peter Thirkell
Teresa Pomeroy
Brett Lockspeiser
marianne doczi
maia sauren
Bob Jesse
Mandy McGirr
Sally Vanos
Tom Haig
Matt McGregor
Roger Steele
Ben Vidulich
Marion Wood
Anthony Lorieu
Anders Andersem
Brandon Mikel
Helen Hanify
Andy Williamson
Salvatore Guiseppe Strati
Anna Baird
Lance Adam Cash
Kim Miller
Andy Lulham
Oliver Jones
Jonathan D. Pincus
Elaine Mayo
johannes prinz
Tony Kennedy
Manu Vallyon
Christina sawicki
Glen Irving
Tony Holt
Thomas Huulbæk Andersen
Rob Ramsay
Massimo Santanicchia
Valérie Gehlé
Ole-Morten Duesund
Adrienne Gulliver
Cyriel van 't End
greg O'Connor
Samuel Frew
Tim McNamara
Andrew Melville
Thomas Forth
Lindsay Alderton
Michael Stoeckli
Nandini Nair
Rupert Pirie-Hunter
Mircea Zachia
Robert Baker
Colin P Winter
Jan Dowland
Alan Clark Davison
Witchcamp Council
chris Jangelov
Ansgar Konermann
Kara-Leah Grant

$25+ Contributors

Celia A. Muir
Meg Howie
Jimmy Green
Joshua Chalifour
Marnie Kent
Tim Bonnemann
Craig Ambrose
Cate Jessep
Julian Apatu
Greg Bodnar
John Kirby
Kim Lowe
TeArikirangi Mamaku
kevin keane
Gemma Syme
Lucy Clark
Inga Jensen
Tawny Christian
Will Lau
C M Wade-Brown
Chantal Grut
Niq Curry
Nick Taylor
Sean Molloy
Daniel Schwalm
Tim Gummer
Frances Eberhard
John S Adams
John DeCubellis
Alice Leparc
Amelia Friedman
Christine Dinsmore
Susan Hellerstein
Steven Sciulli
Michael Capozzoli
Alexander Bolshakov
stan Alley
Rafael Fernandez-Font Perez
David H. Mason
Frank Swinney
Fraser Bruce
Christian Buggedei
Sebastien Arbogast
Frederick Stark
Mark Bekhit
Phillipa Gaines
David Clearwater
Robert A Hogan
Rob Edward
Allan Tear
Carlos Manuel Arias Moreno
Rodolfo Saccani
Shayne Hunter
Sarah Putt
Alexander Paulson
J D Carpenter
Guilhem Gantois
Jim Baltaxe
Maira Brandao Carvalho
Carte Blanche / New Era – New Rules
Kelly Cheesman
Chris Bean
Raul P Cardoso
Rob Nevin – U-R-Able, Canada
Bernard Brunet
Stefano Perfili
Young-jin Choi
Jason Crewe
Brent McFarlane
Nicolas Wormser
Kim paton
Marta Stojanovic
Rick Orser
Bernard Gruschow
Hamish Ross White
M Garry
Peter Schurman
Rhonda King
kelli mccluskey
David Schindler
Stuart Hall
Ken Long
Alyson Howell
Manop Kalra
Daniel Steinbock
Ciarán Carter
David Meyer
Paul Handover
Aliza Yair
Dean Satchell
Simon Baker
Paul Ferris
Ann Phillis
Charles Lehner
bonnie wykman
Robert S Houghton
Michael Niemann
Carne Ross
Rob Jellinghaus
richard hayman
Robyn Moore
Katherine Hay
Dan Randow
Anthony (Bones) Pettifer
Lucy D'Aeth
Trudy Lane
Alastair Parvin
Andre Kpodonu
Ashley Taylor
Ian Schlakman
Sonja Lani Mitchell
Jozef Benge
Jordi Faxedas Rubio
Andrea Ryan
Travis Kriplean
Michael Feldstein
Vincent Dickie
Viktor Zaunders
Christopher Paul Schraders
Mita Williams
Peter Dowson
Guillaume Marceau
Latesha Randall
d'Arcy Lunn
David Konecny
Tom Sarsons
Carolyn Dixon
Elsa Gebremichael
Chris Taklis
Dorte Wray
Chris Zumbrunn
serge hoebeke
Micheline Callicott
Bryan Tabuteau
Carl Naus
Donna McKinnon
Philip Korsika
Tejopala Rawls
Alexis Sim
Timothy Russell Blair
Daniel Dietz
Rachael Rowe
Mischa Nowicki
Vitaly Aranovich
Kate McNair
Kevin McDermott
Christian Nöel Seppa
Lachlan Musicman
John Hart
Damon Styer
David Nash
Matthew Van Natta
Matthew Allen
Dimitris Koukoulakis
Jamie L Klinger
Malcolm Johnstone
Andrew Kensington
Spyros Tzortzis
Lisandro Gaertner
Gwendolyn Blue
Jon Rodriguez
Lucas de Abreu Pinto
Karen White
Lloyd Houghton
Keith Rozendal
Rebecca Colwell
Rhonda Marchand
Rosa Maria Ramos Salgueiro
Robert Sean Clifford
Jenny Rickitt
Andrew Robinson
Sarah Teng
Douglas Beitz
Matthew Evetts
Victor Minkov
Kenneth Durwood Evans
Leslie Young
Willow Brugh
Kevin M Turner
Isaac Hollander McCreery
Davendra Patek
Rachael Mansfield
Chi-hsien Lu
Pascal Wicht
roy hanfling
Kuanling Huang
Kim Fortin
Toolbox for Education & Social Action
Isabelle Decarroux
Cobi Smith
Zita Joyce
Peter Uithoven
Steven Clift
Katherine Despot Belmonte
Torrance Hodgson
Onur Ekinci
Daniel Batkin
Steve Hanson
Alan Meridian
God Is Life
John Herring
Loren Hockly
Ignatius and Greta Menzies
Georges Gregorius
Ronis Chapman
Geoffrey Monot
Michael Brady
Claudio Lente
James Wilson
Kate Duignan
Ellen Schindler
Sam Rye
Roberto Gilli
John Glass
Rochelle Furneaux
Michelle Marie King
Ed Lytwak
Sea Rotmann
Philip Douglass
Iain Lawson Marjoribanks
Kevin J Bayuk
Eaden McKee
martin judd
Richard Schut
Jaakko Helleranta
Rikki Doud
Bianca Hurrell
Margot W. Parkes
Dalma Berkovics
Pamela McLean
Brett Holland
Vanessa Sloan Morgan
Turumeke Harrington
The Boraman-Ritchie Family
Alison Crawford
William Potapchuk
Frith Jenkins
Tom manziano
Jeanne Dear
Pamela Campe
Rory Thomson-Ball
James Metcalfe
Sonya Cameron
Eli Feghali
Michael Noonan
Cameron McLean
Patrick Cotter
Randal Jack
Charles Thomassin
Daniel McClelland
Krishna Khatri-Chetri
Tsung-Hao Tang
Alexander Smith
warren hardy
Daniel Walker
Hannah Northover
Dr Katherine Phelps
Soeren Ole Ekelund
porta nicolas
Crispin Clarke
Diana Elliot
Gabrielle McKone
Jocelyn Orb
Renee Rushton
Penelope Esplin
Vasilis Kostakis
Sean Boileau
Kathryn Bechtold
Joseph Ramsay
Monica Evans
Jason Post
Rob Wallace
Thiago de Mello Bueno
Kylie Sutcliffe
Megan Mann
Christina Kadmos
Emmanuel Gilloz
Duncan Work
Kieran Smith
Bronwyn Carlisle
Gina Rembe
Giuseppe Schiavone
Nikolas Tzimoulis
Robinson Alexander Ochoa Echeverri
Morag McDonald
Justin Longo
Margy-Jean Malcolm
Will Catton
Joseph Mitchell
Daniele Mancinelli
Ian Shearer
David Verelst
Mads Ringblom Knudsen
Eric DeLong
Belle Barber
Mamari Stephens
Nik Wakelin
Cameron Mehlhopt
Nenad Lazarov
Nico Burns
robert stratford
mr finn shaw jackson
Dugald Stewart
Roger Pitton
Mark Johnstone
Daryl Green
Reuben McDougall
Diane Pivac
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emily m lippold cheney
Lucas Nebert
Anna Mackay
Jonathan Charles Morris
Simon Wallace
Naomi Blackburn
megan courtney
Angus Blair
Kay Benseman
Emily Harris
Barry Coates
Emily Meese
Marianne Elliott
Douglas Jimenez
Chris Olson
Connor Harris
Desmond Joseph Molloy
Mark C. Wilson
Cam Findlay
James Daniel Francis
Tobias D. Bindslet
Miranda W Voke
Tim McKenzie
Lewis Sullivan
Lucy Kebbell
akim Heinicke
Robert Mackay
Rafael Martinez-Cortina
Daniel Mestre
Katie Anne Brasell
Brani Mead
Omar Kamoun
Martin Bulmer
Caleb Gordon
Karen Summerhays
Naomi Smith
Tom Lord
Arthur De Grave
Laura James
Camille Barton
Anna van Os
Jeffrey Swift
Thomas Floyd Wright
Christopher Pope
Michael G Schwern
Elijah van der Giessen
Peter Parkinson
Clare McLennan-Kissel
Catherine Styles
Nicky Benson
Francesca Pick
Richard Norman
Kim Conway
Nicola Linwood
Jason Kemp
Dean Nugent
Paula Warren
Mary Anne Cutaia
Logan Elliott
Emily Preston
Sigmund Kopperud
Daniel Vasku
Greer Lees
Bindy Bonnette
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Adam Bullen
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Jane Henley
Aindriu Macfehin
Davy van de Vusse
Jeff Henderson
Tim Soar
Kay Jones
Julie Hernandez
Richard Keller
Julie Crocker
Magali Larroche
Timothy Rayner
Eric Stiens
Jackson James Wood
Vicky Forgie
Bronwyn Venning
Diane Shepheard
Peter Vail
Dave Collett
Jarod Santana
Janet Rosado
David Schofield
Marhefka István
Mathijs Maarten de Bruin
Jenny Harding
Martin Meteyard
Mike Kemp
Remi Fontan
Adrian Hon
Andrew Lilburn
Corrina Lyon
JoFF Rae
Kate Swade
Jason Gowans
Rory Lenihan-Ikin
Robin Allison
Tibor Katelbach
Mark Edgecombe
Paul Elvins
John McBurney
David Neil Thorp
Steve Upstill
Ben Firshman
Robert Houghton
Roze Kitty
Karen Kun
Jérôme Gravel-Niquet
James Smith
Daniel Nephin
Sudharshan Natarajan
Patricia Shepard
Raui Glenn Lewis
Michael Maloney
Alexandre Junqueira
Fabio Silva
Dave Scott
David Moore
Briary Crawford-Zachernuk
Cédric Herpson
Dale Nirvani Pfeifer
Michael Dale
Alan Christensen
rachel rose
Sally Munro
Beatworld Records
Jade Reidy
Andrew Phillips
Max Clarke-Parker
Karin McCracken
Hannah Mackintosh
Matthew Kerr
Benjamin Wilson
Alec Dawson
Darren Sharp
Peter McGeorge
Glen Qualls
Daniela Cuaron
Faye Adams
Suzanne Beryl Taylor
Alister Newton
David Good
Antony McMullen
Richard Thompson
Mr Joel S Mackay
Restruct digital innovation
Amy Leah Brosnahan
Bob Cannell
Tristan Carter
Benjamin Lupton
Federico Gori
Andrew Mallis
Susannah Smith
Ben Fagan
Vicky Soderberg
Tom Anderson
Jan Eggleton
Georgina Preston
Christopher Mulcare
Logan Valentine
Stanley Frielick
Duncan M Nimmo
Steve Fuery
Michele Embling
Andy Fuchs
Aaron Lavack
Adrian Field
Umutcan Onal
Charles Merricks
Anasha Cummings
sara jafary
Bron Thomson
Nat N
Keir Wotherspoon
Carl Chenery
Sarah Hutchings
Richard G McKenzie
Alicia Boyd
Elizabeth Connor
Darian James Woods
Andrew McQuiggin
Megan Floris
Zakkai Kauffman-Rogoff
Mario Zelaya Jr
catherine shovlin
Ryan Rediske
Stephanie L. Parks
Justin Pierce
Fabien Freyburger
jc mase
Maani Stirling
Andrew Curry
Aurèle Duda
David Hårsmar
Timothy Huegerich
Dylan Chauvin-Smith
Jules Todd
John Goodnough
Rory Ridley-Duff

$10+ Contributors

Bob Irving
Kathy Bartlett
Donald Jessep
Sarah McGray
Patrick Shepherd
William McGrath
Andrew Fyfe
Jasper O'Donnell
Marlen O'Donnell
Jocelyn Winters
Cristina Parra
shaked from
Simon Tegg
Nancy Shalek
Ruben Solvang
Margaret Kinosian
Antonios Triantafyllakis
John K Triedman
Philip Catton
Rebecca Thornber
Josh Forde
carl scrase
Mike Riversdale
Megan Duffy
Emma McFadyen
Paul Doney
Mathieu Loiseau
Nancy Pepper
Gordon Dykes
Juliana Johnson
Thomas Monckton
Alice Irving
Carol Shantal
Daniel Christopher Mawhera White
Mitar Milutinovic
Barbara Tegg
Bryan Bruce
Phillipa Reeve
Vitaliy Angelov Filipov
Meliors Simms
Colin Charles Croft Hewens
Hannah Maria
Gillian Pow
Tanja pelkonen
Renee Gerlich
Eden Beck
Michael Kuehl
Phillipa Williams
Lee Russel
Deirdre Kent
Dhaj Sumner
David Tunkrans
Frith Driver-Burgess
Alison Shearer
Marie Lefort
Matt Sutton-Vermeulen
Tootsie Black
Louise Whitmore
Tanja Ærtebjerg
Tendayi Sutherland
James Scott
Elizabeth Morley
Susan Cooke
Russell Silverwood
Jane McDonough
Margaret Giroux
Mischa Saunders
Caleb Buchbinder
Terry Burrell
Leonard Cook
Bronwyn Hayward
Lincoln Gasking
Samson Ootoowak
Severin Keller
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Dave Moskovitz
Hayden Powell Currie
Megan McCarthy
Jared Laverty
Amanda Lia Rogers
Judy Lymbery
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Alana McCrossin
Richard Dennis Bartlett
Berwyn Hoyt
Jesse Doud
Henry Liu
Leland LeCuyer
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Paul Goulter
Megan Kinsley
David Wetuski
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Laurent Chedanne
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Bryn-Evan Manning Thomas
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Kathryn Lemmon
Kelsey Sterrett
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