The digital workspace for your community


A safe, inclusive place for your community, committees and working groups to share information, discuss issues, make plans and decide actions.

“Loomio helps us organize information in a very structured way. It is very intuitive and not too complicated. Loomio offers a sense of centralized community even though group members are spread across the country.”

Manon Cuillé
Head of Citizen Mobilization, Zero Waste France

A better online home for your community

A safe place where your privacy is protected, and your data is not sold to advertisers. Easy to join, connect, share ideas, stay up to date, organize and store information.

Keep everyone on the same page

Involve everyone in important decisions wherever they are. Enable transparency and accountability of committees and working groups.

Organizing for action

Organization and communication of everything from projects, events and campaigns to policy positions.

Find the right plan for your community’s needs

Choose from our Starter or Pro Nonprofit plans – no limits on how many users you can add to your account.
If your group is made up of volunteers with no paid staff, you are welcome to choose our Community Lifetime plan.