Burning Seed Restructure Stakeholders - [W05] MEMBERSHIP

The most profound change that the Burning Seed restructure offers is a transition to a member based organisation. In a model like a Burn, the activities and culture rely exclusively on the Participants to create, deliver and manage the content of all burner events. The Burning Man Project also encourages outreach and it is the Participants who are the agents of any projects beyond major events like Burning Seed.

When these Participants elect to become members of the new cultural organisation (also known as the Holding Entity or HE), how can we set up the best framework to support their productions, projects, workshops etc. and provide opportunities for representative democracy?

This Workshop will be the space to follow up the Vision session; to explore in more detail the key areas relating to membership, including but not limited to:

Membership Eligibility

Levels of Membership

Membership Benefits

Membership Rights

Membership Code of Conduct

Page 23 of the AFR covers the responses to questions about membership and reading this and the CT Interim report is recommended.