BUCU Organisers - BUCU Anti-cas

For organising the anti-casualisation campaign and storing key documents.
This 'BUCU anticasualisation' group has members who are interested in the issue of casualisation, and/or who are casualised themselves.

The 'BUCU organisers' group has UCU members who include permanent staff. There is a thread on casualisation in the big group, and its purpose is to kind of get everyone else on board. The anticas subgroup is the main self-organising space for casualised activists, and of course feel free to use the larger group as well whenever necessary.
Twitter account: @PrecariousBrum
We also have a MailChimp for PrecariousBrum though the membership list needs updating etc. We could use it to write updates to those who want to be involved (some of whom may not necessarily be UCU members).