Collaborative decision-making software for boards

Good governance is more than a board meeting. Stay connected with your board between meetings, deal with urgent matters and reduce board admin.

“Our board group has been particularly transformative, enabling continuous governance, improving response times and increasing our agility, resilience and sustainability… Loomio saves us thousands of pounds every year”

Austen Cordasco
Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN)

Continue governance between meetings

Stay in touch with your board, in context with organizational needs and respond timely and effectively (good governance doesn’t just happen in board meetings).

Use board meetings for issues that matter

Push administrative matters onto Loomio, agree agendas, share documents, vote on resolutions and meeting minutes before your meeting to free up your precious time together for discussion.

Keep a detailed record

Issues discussed, decisions made, votes and participation are kept in a searchable archive.

Find the right plan for your board’s needs

Choose from our Starter or Pro plans – no limits on how many users you can add to your account.
Let us help you get started, help integrate your board practices and introduce Loomio to your board.