Biotech Without Borders - Lab Members

In our Mission Visions Values statement we state we are a member-led community biology lab. This group is intended to serve as the place members can find consensus in order to direct the actions of the organization or to voice dissent with the directions of the organization.

If you haven't checked out the main group's help thread, please do. Additionally the main group has the Code of Conduct posted.

Unlike in the main group in this group anyone is free to invite guests to this group and notify the entire group. If you want something to change at Biotech Without Borders, you are encouraged to bring it up here so that a discussion can emerge from other members. You might find folks that agree with you or those that disagree, but it's all a worthwhile exercise to understand each other and decide how we want to share the lab together. Anytime spent productively engaging with other members in service of the organization is considered part of your 8h quarterly contributions.

Please ensure that you have contributed to the lab member tier in Open Collective.

We chose this software because it:

  • Respects our privacy and data autonomy

  • Facilitates a process of collective decision making by giving members tools for contacting each other and the board of directors

  • Encourages a culture of thoughtful responses

Of course the software itself will not create this environment we all must cooperate too.

Anyways enough rambling, we want to hear from you!