'Aotearoa New Zealand Assembly (ANZA) Foundation' - Organisation Map Graphic & Action Focus

  • Organisation Map Graphic - a visual representation of our Organisation Story, Structure, & Strategy to:

    • Aid understanding and navigation of the 'Aotearoa New Zealand Assembly (ANZA) Foundation' Loomio Organisation Sub Group and Threads.

    • Facilitate Working Group actions.

    Our proposed Working Groups are:

    • Story Working Group

    • Strategy Working Group

    • Structure Working Groups

      • Communications Working Group

      • Communities Working Group

      • Assembly Codesign & Convention Working Group

      • Finance Working Group

      • Legal Working Group

      • Media Working Group

      • Research Working Group

      • Technology Working Group

  • Organisation Map Text will be found in a document in a proposed new folder, 'Aotearoa New Zealand Assembly (ANZA) Foundation', in our Organisation Google Docs Library.

    For expediency, Organisation Map material has been loaded into an 'ANZA Foundation' Loomio Organisation so that working groups can immediately become active and mandated asap, rather than continuing with the conversation Thread-Proposal-Poll mode required to establish a Sub Group in the 'Working Community...' Loomio Organisation.

    Relevant conversation Threads from the 'Working Community...' have been copied over to the 'ANZA Foundation'.

    Amendments to Sub Groups are welcomed.

    New Sub Groups are welcomed.

    Some Sub Groups are proposed to be prioritised.

  • Action Focus to:

    • Show prioritised Sub Group Threads and Proposals for resolution of Working Group tasks.

    • Outcomes from Sub Group Threads, Proposals, and Polls will be filed in the 'ANZA Foundation' Google Docs Library.