'Aotearoa New Zealand Assembly (ANZA) Foundation' - Coordination Working Group

Our organisation has a number of strategic and structural working groups found in Loomio as Sub Groups.

A Coordination Group will be formed to facilitate overall organisation and will be populated by the external coordinator of each Working Group as per the detail below.

Initially, the Coordination Group will be populated by any member committed to the work of this organisation while Working Groups are being formed and populated.

Ideally, each Working Group will have 2 x coordinators – positive discrimination for non-binary gender balance/marginalised demographic representation is advocated.

· The Internal Coordinator - Coordinates within the Working Group

· The External Coordinator - Liaises within the Coordination Group.

· External/Internal Coordinator roles - May be combined while the Working Group is developing and prior to population by a number of members.

We will need to mandate Working Groups (WG) and Secondary Working Groups to accountably carry work forward on behalf of our organisation. Individual Working Groups will need to be prioritised in order for our organisation to be effective.

Working Groups or Secondary Working Groups will be formed as necessary.

Our proposed Working Groups are:

  • Story Working Group

  • Strategy Working Group

  • Structure Working Groups

    • Communications Working Group

    • Communities Working Group

    • Assembly Codesign & Convention Working Group

    • Finance Working Group

    • Legal Working Group

    • Media Working Group

    • Research Working Group

    • Technology Working Group